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(and of course that pairing order is intentional.)

If you guys remember this post, I kind of helplessly ship Diana/Steve, otherwise known as Wonder Woman/Captain America. Other people seem to like this idea, so I am now doing a fan comic.

further sketches )
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Sorry, this is going to be really, really long. It's been a while since I unburdened myself online. You might want to skip all the feelings and just click the links before the cut, you'll enjoy them.

So I gave up reading fanfic for Lent but then got addicted to Steve Rogers' American Captain, which is part Harvey Pekar pastiche, part Avengers fancomic, and all Steve Rogers feels all the time.

And through a link to an extra-large comic I was led to the artist's DeviantArt page, and her comic called Therapy with the Vampire, which is about Anne Rice's Louis and Lestat and their compelling, twisted relationship. And that reminded me that I still had my uncle's Vampire Lestat graphic novel that I first read at fourteen. So I cracked it open for the first time in more than a decade...and like cracking an egg, a gooey mess came spilling out. And in the process of cleaning it all up I suddenly understood several blind spots in my real life past, not to mention my fandom tendencies.

The thing that's wrong with these vampires is the thing that's always been wrong with vampires. )

Part Two
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So I've been writing a Little Mermaid retelling in which the mermaid is male, the Sea Witch is also male (and in love with him) and instead of being set in pseudo-medieval England, it's set in pseudo-medieval Moorish Spain.

Anyway, have some wistful angst and pretty boys in flowy robes. Pentel brush pen and Caran D'Ache aquarelle pencils.

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Of course as soon as I gave up reading fanfic for a month, I get hit by the biggest plotbunny ever.

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Reading William Gibson's Distrust That Particular Flavor at the moment. He mentions reading reviews of albums in Melody Maker as if they were SF novels, and it clicked in my mind.

I like a huge variation of different recording artists over different styles and genres. What is the thing that they all have in common? Narrative, of many musicians and composers are storytellers, but what kind of story attracted me more strongly than anything else? My favourite artists tell stories with strong images, that bring out colours and pictures in the mind, even when I don't understand the words. So I thought it would be a fun exercise to match up some of my most-listened albums with some very distinctive comic book artists.

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Okay, your turn! What are your favourite albums and who would you want to draw them?

(Note: where sources are not indicated, pics scanned from copies I own)


Nov. 13th, 2011 03:33 pm
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I have been struck with the flu for the past two days, so I figured it was time to finish the list of Major Hollywood Films [ profile] petronia Has Previously Reviewed But I Never Watched for Some Stupid Reason, viz. Atonement, X-Men First Class, Thor and Captain America.

It was really enjoyable to watch all the Marvel films so close together. But unlike the Big Bads of the other two, Loki is just not Marvel-villainy enough for me*. I want to hug him and give him a smooch on his sulky face which is really all he wants, isn't it? All of us boring mortals instantly diagnosed him with second-child syndrome, and because he hails from the LAND OF MANLY VIKINGS (and it was vital to the plot, I guess) not a single person in the whole movie realised it. Between him and Sif, Asgard seems surprisingly backward for such a Clarkian level of technology.

This isn't really a review; I think I need to see all these films again to really parse them. The actual point of this post is: TONY STARK/STEVE ROGERS--I CAN HAS RECS PLZ?? Because Dominic Cooper was hot and looked kinda like Bucky and Peggy was a brilliant brunette who was good with guns and clearly Steve has a TYPE.

*Am I actually complaining that a villain is well-rounded? Sorry. You could argue that Frost Giant Alpha was the Big Bad of that film, but he was so arbitrary I can only think of him as a minor character. Asano Tadanobu got more screen time.
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It makes absolutely no sense for BBC Sherlock and Tim Drake to exist in the same universe, much less the same city (however briefly). And yet.

There would have to be an excuse for Knight and Squire to get involved in some way, possibly as the entry point for Batman and Robin in the first place. See, even typing 'Batman and Robin' in the same sentence as 'Sherlock' is all kinds of absurd.

And yet.

And yet...

'So you're saying I only need to give the appearance of normalcy to gain permanent acceptance, and through it, access.'

'People see what they want to see.' Without the mask, Robin's--Tim's--eyes were sharp, and very blue. That familiar look on someone so young made John uneasy.
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More work for Destiny Does--Sara's house in HK. She lives with her research geneticist godfather in her parents' house on Victoria Peak.
I finally settled on this look:

Flailing around to get the look--some sketches )
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Model sheets for a character for what might become a webcomic.

I called her Sara because of Sara Crewe and Sara Stanley--who I'm sure would love each other if they ever met--and because I know at least 4 extremely awesome people who are called Sarah. My Sara isn't very much like them; she's got a few issues and is a little muddled in the head. But I think she owes a little something to them anyway.

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No really, it IS. He is. [gender-neutral but person-specific pronoun] is.

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Finally, several weeks late...talking about Comica! Sorry about that guys, wayyyy too much drama has been happening lately. (And also I've gotten addicted to Disney's The Weekenders, possibly as another way to drown my sorrows stress.)

in which i babble about Sarah MacIntyre, Dave McKean and the Arabic manga experience )
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"Work defines aesthetics." Anna Piaggi

Marvel Comics reveals the return of one of my favourite characters.



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