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Sometimes you just have to write something even if it doesn't seem like anyone will read it. I'm a bit touchy about original characters in fanfiction, and yet it seems to me that I have begun something which is basically a space academy romance novel which just happens to feature Jim Hawkins as one of the leads. What I am actually trying to achieve is a Star Trek/Harry Potter Victorian naval AU written in the style of Robert Louis Stevenson. I reread Treasure Island and am reading Kidnapped! and Stevenson's Travels to get the flavour but as yet have only done about 3K.

and here it is )

Reluctant to post on AO3 as this desperately needs a beta, and I am not sure who I can even ask. Should I get rid of the framing device? Is it 'Stevenson' enough? Can I convince people to care about Leigh and his problems? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

agh stop it

Mar. 1st, 2013 07:01 pm
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So in between doing the Book Project this week, I have also been compiling my portfolio, which is pretty much guaranteed to fill me with horror and shame.

Note to self: DO NOT look at other illustration blogs while sorting out your portfolio. Here is a tiny sampling of people who usually make me happy but today just made me depressed:

On the bright side, these people really are awesome, so go check them out!


Nov. 26th, 2012 11:39 am
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Soooooooo I feel like I'm falling back into CLAMP fandom because of this one fic they recced on [community profile] slashreport. I'm still sore about losing my production artbook of Magic Knight Rayearth, I don't need to do this to myseeeeeelffffff. *bangs head on desk*


Oct. 11th, 2012 10:11 am
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It's my cousin's wedding and in my family, that means the grand pre-dressing hair and makeup ritual.

in which someone who knows nothing about makeup drones on and on about it. Is there geekery? Of course there is. )
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I think I might finally have a skeleton for this whole Arthur-and-Eames-as-window-designers fic. I worked it all out from this one preppy outfit I saw on Guerrisms and decided Arthur HAD to have.

And at some point during that chapter, I need to put Eames in this outfit:

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Finally! Finished the West Side Story window dream.

I still have no idea to post this besides here, as it's all scraps without a coherent story. I think it's time to try and find a proper plot for this thing. In the meantime, please enjoy the art and the snippet.

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Title: Window Dream (#18)
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: G
Warnings: Surreal imagery.
Summary: AU. Eames is a window display artist who can't seem to stop dreaming about his artistic rival Arthur.
Artist's Notes: see end.

18th of a nonexistent series )
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Sorry, been feeling frustrated lately. I think this month has been very hard for a lot of people (argh, understatement) and there's been a lot of bad feeling surging around for a while. I don't know why it's affecting me today especially.

now I'm whining about whining, feel free to skip )

Hey, here's an idea. Feel like complaining about something but ashamed to post it on your own blog and have to look at it every day? Stick it here. Go on, get it out :)
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Very upset, unhappy and fearful about what's happening in my favourite city right now.

If you want to hear some balanced and well-thought-out posts on the riots, here they are:

All I can think of is 7/7, when I would rather walk home than take the Tube or bus. In many ways, this is worse. This isn't a faceless malevolence, a "foreign" evil (and the 7/7 terrorists were citizens too!). These are Londoners. And it isn't even safe to walk home. In some places there isn't anything left to come home to.

And I still want to be there. I want to help. I want to witness. I want to make sure my friends are safe. I want to Do My Bit.

Hang in there, London. You can get through this. My love and thoughts are with you.
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Because she is epic.

Really, this comic was the only thing that kept this whole week from being in the toilet. Kept me creating this week, too.

So I made a tribute.

with extra Lestrade )
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WHAT is there to read in the house that:

a) I have not read at least 3 times.
b) I would not mind reading eleventy times more, RIGHT NOW.
c) I can read --
 i. in the toilet
 ii. at the table
 iii. in bed
 iv. on the floor while having let out the bunny (did I mention I have a rabbit now?)
d) everywhere, i.e. not on my computer.

Alllllllll my comfort reading is in ebook format; the originals have either been long ago consigned to Oxfam as part of The Great Disgrace (read: moving back to old country) or are in the bedroom in cowtown, i.e. not here.

How am I supposed to EAT without a decent book??? AGGGHHHHHHHH.
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Here at the Unscrupulous Workplace I have been happily chugging along in my mostly boring copywriting job, and now they are restructuring for the nth time and this means I do not only have to write spam, but actually keep track of how well or badly our spam does.

Which means learning Excel.

I don't know what it is about this program that chills me to the core, but I pretty much nearly had the screaming heebies when they told me I'd have to start making reports on the mailers. Maybe because I know NOTHING about it. Excel to me is a yawning blackness cut neatly into little rectangles, rectangles I have utterly no idea what to do with. I find it impenetrable and infuriating, and whenever I see people blithely doing numerical gymnastics on it I get the same feeling I get standing up too fast after reading in bed.

I DON'T KNOW where this irrational reaction is coming from. I am sat at the station right now looking at Mailer Stats and Offer Analyses and it all makes me want to scream 'NO NO NO' or headdesk and it TERRIFIES ME. WHY. I taught myself CSS and XHTML, why does this program seem like the antithesis of my entire being?


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