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Watching LJ erupt over the past few weeks I wondered why we're (and I include myself here) so violent about spoilers. Then I read the book, and I watched LJ erupt even more, and I took a couple of days to think about it, and...I formed a possibly unpopular opinion.

Spoilers are so important to this series because the plot points are all we have left. The characters we loved (and loved to hate), the thrill of the pacing and the discovery of this new universe that lives around and alongside and yet away from what we's all faded in the past few books, subsumed by the overwhelming plot devices and fake-outs and OH NOES vs. SQUEE!!!s that stuff the covers and feed the hype. And it breaks my heart to know that the series that captured and involved me so completely has turned into little more than a fireworks display.

I sound bitter, don't I? Maybe I'll post bullet points outlining the bits I found the most disappointing, along with the bits I actually did enjoy (there were some, I promise!). Maybe later.

In the meantime, here is one aspect of the series I AM forever grateful for.... Fandom, I turn this one over to you. Please make it right. You've done it before.

ETA: Some comments below contain spoilers.
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Some lovely things that are happening today:

A thunderstorm. Bar slight worry about basement flooding, I enjoy thunderstorms because they remind me of home. The rain is drumming heavily on my skylight and the glass roof of our entryway, accompanied by the rumblings and occasional sharp snarls of thunder. The thunder never lasts long and I never see lightning bolts, just the flashes. Sad. Curiously enough the sunlight is reflecting off the clouds in such a way that it's uncommonly bright--a sunny and stormy day, which also reminds me of home. Ahh, the great British summertime.

Amazon is sending me faithful updates on the status of The Book That Will Break The Internet. "Your package is being prepared for dispatch." "Your package is now ready for dispatch." I eagerly anticipate the next update. (This is a dignified way of saying "I bounce in my chair and squeal as I read the email over and over again. Tee hee.")

Also, new icons.
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Two things that keep bothering me about movies in the UK:

1. Before every movie there is a card that shows on screen to certify that X movie is indeed viewable to cinema audiences. It is has two spaces below which are meant to be signed by the head of the Board of Censors and the director of the film. Now Quentin whatsisname may very well be the head Censor. But who is David Cooke, and why does he sign his name instead of--oh, I don't know--the person who directed the damn movie? Peter Jackson was the only one who ever signed this weird but necessary document, and it made me love him even more. I mean, I know directors are busy, but it's this attention to detail that wins people over.

2. The audience leaving before the credits. RUDE. So many people worked hard to bring the movie out; if we liked it isn't it only common courtesy to sit through everyone's names? People who leave before the credits are rude, rude, RUDE.

Which is to say, I saw Order of the Phoenix. :D

It's too soon to give a coherent opinion, but....It was all kinds of AWESOME.

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I don't write reviews very well, so my 2p isn't even worth 2p, but...


Who sent DanRad back to acting school, and may I sign away my soul to them PLEASE.

*has fits*

WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT. You have never seen or read Harry Potter. I don't care. WATCH THIS MOVIE.


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