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This year is the first time I will be 'stationed' in London over the holidays instead of going on holiday myself with family, so I'd like to celebrate my first holiday season in London with cards! I'm excited to send out a proper batch of holiday cards like a grown-up, as previous attempts didn't go so well orz

So: drop a comment (they will be screened) with your name, mailing address, the holiday you celebrate (Christmas, Chanukah, Winter Solstice &c) and a prompt (optional) and you will get a card from me. Um, I can't guarantee it'll arrive by December 25 though ^^;
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Happy New Year everypony! :D

This year I resolve to lady up and face the fact that I am an artist and a woman--and then proudly tell the world. First step: find new job!

Good luck with all your resolutions!
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Sorry about the radio silence recently; I was busy, then away--and then my Internet went down!

There are a lot of people on here who were on the East Coast; I hope the storm left you all safe and dry. Mom and my aunt live up there; my aunt was in a particularly dangerous area and too stubborn to move, but nothing happened and now she says it was no big deal. Sigh.

Things I have been doing recently:

  • Getting over a terrible sunburn
  • Ticking off my bucket list--white water rafting! Another place in this country that I've visited! And the fish foot spa! That was really interesting; it's like being attended by a hundred tiny self-animated emery boards. It's very ticklish at first, but then you get used to it and space out watching all the little fish nibble your toes. :)
  • Doing lots of small watercolours. I got a Prang and a Golden set, as I am a lazy person who doesn't want to bother with tube colours, and ever since my mom sent me Blue Heron waterbrushes, it's been absurdly easy to paint with the trays. My friend Xabi gave me an amazing set of Pelikan colours she's had since she was a kid, and they're still great! You can see the results on my art journal.
  • Trying to get the Internet back!

Have also been worrying about money a bit as I have barely enough to get me through to the coming payday on Thursday. But no worries! Have an illustration!


Jan. 2nd, 2011 06:55 pm
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Happy New Year!

Today the only other people who flew in for Christmas have gone home (aunt and uncle-in-law), and I looked up the Faerie Oracle, which said 'Have an adventure! Or a spa date,' but the weather seems to be going in for full-blown typhoon as it usually does in January. So instead I holed up in my computer corner and read blogs, ate caramelisedpinipig and drank hot chocolate (the good Spanish stuff that comes in huge tablets) until I was sleepy, and then I had a nap, and so I haven't done anything for the Sketchbook Project today.

I did help my other aunt wrestle with iPhoto to make photo albums for her grandbaby, so the day wasn't complete fail. /weak

Mmmm, vacation. Maybe I'll have a very hot shower instead of the mud bath Losgann advised. ^_________________^
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I first celebrated Canada Day in London, although I had no idea that the 'beavertails' I loved to snack on while I was living in Manila were traditional Canadian munchies. This year they have Trafalgar Cup Hockey playoffs! I wish I were there!!!

Go check out more Canadian goodness over at [ profile] beatonna's wonderful comic Hark! A Vagrant, which I reread every several months.


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