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I joined [ profile] i_reversebang! Whee!

Already submitted my work. It won't be posted till 4 May, but hopefully someone gets a good fic out of it.

I also joined [ profile] eames_arthur but am hopeless at writing the window dressing fic. Reversebang could be out before I get anything like a proper chapter on that one. =_= Let's face it, fanart is my forte. I am Not Good--Sherlockian levels of Not Good--at fanfic. Sigh.

(Which begs the question of: why draw fanart of a fanfic you can't write? I have no idea.)
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Had a great time over at [ profile] lyrakristine's house; she's in town with her whole family, whom I'm quite close to. So nice to spend time with all of them again. It really only needed [ profile] angelthorn to make things perfect; in fact if A had been there I think we might actually have got round to Ly teaching me how to sew. Next time, I swear.

Got back home and am having a lazy day reading instead of painting or anything productive. Picked up Volume 1 of the Complete Novels and Stories of Sherlock Holmes at Fully Booked some days ago and just finished The Sign of Four.

thoughts on ACD, gender and race, historical notes, and tragic conclusions )

The really sad bit is the last line of the story. Watson says, 'You have done all the work in the business. I get a wife out of it, Jones gets the credit, pray what remains for you?'

I was expecting Holmes to say something pithy about the work being its own reward, but I got this:

'For me,' said Sherlock Holmes, 'there still remains the cocaine-bottle.' And he stretched his long white hand up for it.

No wonder all the ACD canon fic is choked with angst. Damn.
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Woke up at 7, skyped with Mom at 9, now i'm reading things cos I can't get to sleep...

So, a brief moment here to pimp two of my current favourite Sherlock fics!

Two Two One Bravo Baker by abundantlyqueer is a mind-blowingly awesome AU where Sherlock and John meet much earlier, in Afghanistan instead of London. It has scads of action, a cracking mystery, extensively researched details of military life, and more BAMF!John than my little brain can take. Also very graphic slash, so proceed with caution. Not yet complete.

On the gen/het side, The Affair of the Asphyxiated Acafan by AJHall is another great mystery, unusually written from the POV of Sarah, John's is-she-isn't-she girlfriend. It's full of fannish detail and reads like a proper mystery story; I almost feel as if I'm reading a tie-in or watching an episode of the series. Very satisfying and everyone's voices come across just right. Complete!

Also managed to borrow my officemate's copies of Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets; the proper British versions, too. Very pleased, as they're very hard to get here! Have resolved to re-read the books and watch at least some of the movies again before The Big One opens in July.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we have achieved mood theme. My very first mood theme ever!

Using screencaps from Batman the Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, and Batman Beyond, plus a few cameos from The New Superman Adventures and Justice League/Justice League Unlimited. (I'm not obsessed. Not even a little. No, really.)

Pere's Batman Animated Mood Theme
(133 pics plus a couple of extras, .gif files, 100 x 70)
download zip
full preview

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When I saw this ) on [ profile] zakobushi's blog, I thought it was pretty amazing but just a novelty article. "Oh cool, someone's made a movie Bumblebee out of paper and card." Then I went to check out his blog. Apparently he was a crazy fan of Transformers when he was a kid; especially struck by the production quality of the toys...

However, other toys cannot be mentioned in the same breath. Because its materials, style is far beyond to compare. Even I was shocked that the logo of Transformer could change its color, which is the clearest memory on my mind till now. I cannot believe that a transformer toy can be made in such an excellent level.

But because he couldn't afford a proper toy, he made race cars using boxes of pencil lead. Then after experiments with paper, he made a full model of Starscream, from scratch. Nothing to copy except the TV series. I'm not kidding. the process in his own words )Then, like me (and many of us), he forgot about TF while busy growing up, until he watched the movie...

Freezing Enthusiasm has been ignited again. People can be easily influenced, but something in one's heart cannot be changed. The first time I saw the foreshow [sic: trailer?] of the transformer, I felt that my feeling comes back. The moment I enter into the cinema, I feel that my dream will soon come into true. According to familiar names, strange faces, classical actor's lines, and fashionable and brand-new Camoro, I exert myself to recall things in 1988. Something just appears and then dies away silently. People always touched by recalling. I'm touched and excited during watching film. It's time to do something to express my true feelings. For I know that I'm still passionate.

Just LOOK at his designs. He made those from MEMORY. From watching the movie a few times.

Go read the whole thing. Seriously. I know it seems like just a fannish thing, and it is, but it's such a fannish thing me it goes beyond Transformer-specific fandom and touches the heart of all enthusiasms and true inspirations. It's like watching my own childhood over again--"if I watch this, then I want to make this, and making this makes me want to do this and..." Plus, English translation aside, his actual writing is really touching. I welled up when he talked about his excitement during the movie, because it matched my wasn't what the movie was, but what it awoke in us that we loved so much. The fact that a movie based on a cartoon based on some "toys that transformed into some other toys indistinguishable from the first set of toys" (to paraphrase Gaiman and Pratchett) could spark so much crazy productivity from a bunch of otherwise reasonably sane and mature awakes a kind of hungry ambition in me. I want to do something like that, or help to do it. That's why I'm doing what I do, after all. This IS my life: not one specific fandom, but the whole of it, the continued perpetration of it, whether through fan work or my own work. Fan work is like getting into practice for what I REALLY want to do, which is make more reasons for nerds to spend days at a time on the Internet. :P

I am now scrambling through the guy's blog to find some of his original work, but am thoroughly lost as it seems to be in Chinese. Help?
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Multi is in the shop for about a week, and in the meantime I'm working off my cousin's PC. As a result the scans I'm doing for my uncle's Global Nomad project have come out EXTREMELY wonky. Nevertheless I need them and a large amount of drawings (many of them not done yet) up on a blog by Monday, 12.30 am.


In the breaks, have been amusing myself by scripting the Top Gear Transformers Special and building FSTs.

more Top Gear notes...this show is finally starting to take shape )

Stand by for Bumblebee and Starscream ficpods......some other time ^^;

*This is why I cannot write this alone SOMEONE HELP MEEEE


Aug. 1st, 2007 01:16 pm
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After watching this video 7864524 times, I think we have a new fandom OTP. Neil turned so red! Icons, anyone?

Am slightly flipping out over the amount of work I have to do this week, but serve me right for going into fandom spiral. Really do need to acquire a set of middle gears soon. Planning to go out to the park as it's another lovely day, and work there.

Now, to completely belie this last statement, here are some notes I took on Top Gear for the Transformers special...
cut for lack of coherence, all will be made clear soon enough... )

If anyone actually made sense of that, some fresh ideas would be most welcome.
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Before I start, you have to know that Optimus Prime was my first cartoon crush ever; he also remains the biggest, all anime hotties aside (yes, even Eagle). If that kind of freaks you out, please avert your eyes now. Also, spoilers follow.

so much less than three )

How awesome would it be if Transformers were on Top Gear? They could be guests: imagine having the Star AS A Reasonably Priced Car. Or one of them teaching the Stig what "oversteer" really feels like.
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Made me some pasta today! Fusilli with tuna and mildly spicy Bolognese. It wasn't bad; not enough sauce, maybe. I can't be credited--it was my cousin's recipe.

Yesterday someone very hard to refuse dragged me to the Arsenal-Chelsea game. Now I completely fail to understand this constant fanaticism that people have who are REALLY REALLY into sports. Apparently Umberto Eco confesses to the same bewilderment. For the poor creatures who are overwhelmed by this rabid and incomprehensible fandom (and for those actually in it, hint hint), I have transcribed his essay. It's fantastic.

How Not to Talk About Soccer )

I was laughing at this wicked portrayal of football fans when I was struck by this thought: I know tons of anime and Harry Potter fans who talk like this. My cousin talks like this. I, unless I watch myself carefully, tend to talk like this. This is how fans talk! We belong to something, and have belonged to it so long or so completely that for some people it's hard to adjust to people of a different paradigm. Very often I try (or accidentally happen) to draw other people into this "fandom" world, with varying degrees of success. Sometimes I meet someone else who knows what I'm talking about, and we go at it like the Gilmore Girls, rattling along to the utter bemusement of friends and bystanders. Unless they happen to love Evangelion and hate CLAMP...then we go at it like Liverpool and AC Milan. Or, now I think of it, Arsenal and Chelsea fans.

I don't know what I'm getting at with this...maybe just that we're human. It made me feel more humble, that's all. After I laughed myself sick, of course.
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Does anyone want to create an Invisible Cities fan community?
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Melt Wizard - Weis & Hickman
Caramon, Raistlinn--check out the spells he's castin'/Tanis, Laurana--she just wants to jump right on him/Goldmoon, Riverwind--they brought the true gods back to Krynn/Weis and Hickman, yeah/I wonder how you never knew/You're the Margaret Weis to my Tracy Hickman...

No, seriously. Not to mention their songs about Quidditch, RPGs, Legend, Magic: The Gathering, fantasy cosplay and Kingdom Hearts. And I LOVE them. Check out Melt Wizard. You may regret it. XD

omg back to work.
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Our dear Himself uncommonly tetchy today, but with good reason...

It's been twenty years, and newspaper headlines still oscillate between "Wham! Bam ! Pow! Comics Have Grown Up!" and "OH MY GAAAD THIS COMIC NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN HAS CONTENT NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN IN IT!" articles. Bizarre.

Both acerbic and true, and so, so Neil. (And also, exercisings! Oh, teh hott. I should NOT be lusting after a man old enough to be my father.)

In other news, another meme!
dolls )
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The Guardian says: Oh shit, we're all going to die.

To keep my mind off things I made some more icons and nicked a meme from [ profile] petronia: List 20 of your current favorite fictional character pairings (het, slash, canon or otherwise) in no particular order and then tag five people to do the same.

Read more... )

Also updated Greek boys comic! Chapter 1 is probably should have written that somewhere on the last page.....=_=


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