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And because I'm sorry I didn't think of it yesterday, here are two doodles that represent my absolute favourite things about The Dark Knight Rises. Again, SPOILERS behind the cut.

The Romance )


And the other thing, of course, is our sweet earnest officer with the sticking-out ears, John Blake.
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Oh God, my heart. My heart.
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Before I start, you have to know that Optimus Prime was my first cartoon crush ever; he also remains the biggest, all anime hotties aside (yes, even Eagle). If that kind of freaks you out, please avert your eyes now. Also, spoilers follow.

so much less than three )

How awesome would it be if Transformers were on Top Gear? They could be guests: imagine having the Star AS A Reasonably Priced Car. Or one of them teaching the Stig what "oversteer" really feels like.
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Two things that keep bothering me about movies in the UK:

1. Before every movie there is a card that shows on screen to certify that X movie is indeed viewable to cinema audiences. It is has two spaces below which are meant to be signed by the head of the Board of Censors and the director of the film. Now Quentin whatsisname may very well be the head Censor. But who is David Cooke, and why does he sign his name instead of--oh, I don't know--the person who directed the damn movie? Peter Jackson was the only one who ever signed this weird but necessary document, and it made me love him even more. I mean, I know directors are busy, but it's this attention to detail that wins people over.

2. The audience leaving before the credits. RUDE. So many people worked hard to bring the movie out; if we liked it isn't it only common courtesy to sit through everyone's names? People who leave before the credits are rude, rude, RUDE.

Which is to say, I saw Order of the Phoenix. :D

It's too soon to give a coherent opinion, but....It was all kinds of AWESOME.

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Watched Paris Je T'Aime tonight to console myself for [ profile] jamieyk going offski. Good stuff. Favourites: Gus van Sant, Gurinder Chadha, and Wes Craven (bwah!). Noticed that some of the directors played parts in other director's films. Very cute! Also, Chris Doyle hearts Zhang Yimou so much there should be fanfic. Or at least an LJ icon.

I am going to get work now. I have made CVs and cover letters for some bookstores and a graphic design firm. I've decided to give myself workdays and save the good stuff for the weekend and after hours. From now on I will do 9 to 5 every day. Ok, 10 to 6. I can stay here so I will fight harder to stay here. This week I will clean house, do laundry, work on the travel project and drop off CVs. On Sun am off to the Art Car Boot Fair at the Truman Brewery. Should be fun.


Feb. 6th, 2007 12:53 pm
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Things You Probably Shouldn't Watch Consecutively As They May Make Your Brain Wibble

Jeeves and Wooster

The Blue Planet ("life on the reef isn't always about's also about sex!")
The Little Mermaid

Rurouni Kenshin

Or, more likely, I should stop watching DVDs altogether and concentrate on...I don't know, working.


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