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So many of my favourite anime series revolve around the twin concepts of 'loneliness' and 'friendship'. More precisely, almost every anime I've seen from the simplistic to the weirdly convoluted hinge on the idea of 'connection'. Sometimes it's more 'you are like me', but often it's also 'I did not expect to find this common ground with someone so apparently different from me'.

Lately I found myself between projects (trying not to translate this in my head as 'unemployable'), so I finished the Natsume Yuujinchou anime and the Nodame Cantabile manga. They are surprisingly similar. Beings with talent, finding each other. Growing a connection between them, and working to strengthen it.

Sometimes anime has a funny way of externalising these inner concepts. How lonely do you have to be to make friends with spirits? Or defeat someone (often brutally) in battle, before they can become your friend or lover?

I can't say making friends in the 'real world' feels the same as trying to get along with a giant tikbalang or being punched repeatedly in the face before someone pity-friends you. But as someone who grew up VERY awkwardly socialised, even meeting people the normal human way is a bit difficult. It's easy to add someone on Facebook, but isn't it better if you know this person thought about you at least a few times a week? If they kept you in mind? That seems to me just as hard to achieve, sometimes, as battling monsters.

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May. 7th, 2008 09:13 pm
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I need a "OMG I am such a f*cking fangirl" icon...

Sci-Fi London was SO AWESOME.

Check out the pics on the Flickr site...Stormtroopers galore, Alien and Predator slash, plus Mel Brooks, China Mieville, Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden and a Python or two...

Oh, and someone got caught reading on the job, heheh. I managed to read two of the AC Clarke shortlisters (The Raw Shark Texts and The H-Bomb Girl), as well as some of Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars. The rest of the festival was spent meeting fellow nerds, watching movies, cosplaying and messing about on the Manga Wall! Oh and grabbing ALL THE FREE STUFF. Made off with several DVDs of Ghost in the Shell SAC, Mushishi 2 (I have vol 1), Chobits 1, Duelist, the Ranma movies and Supernatural Season 1 part 1!

Oh my God the anime all-nighter!!!!!!!! I am so starry-eyed still, I can't talk about it, except to resolve to get every DVD of every movie, ESPECIALLY Appleseed Ex Machina. I haven't wanted a robot boyfriend so bad since Optimus Prime. Briareooooooossss...♥♥♥ ♥ ♥
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Now that I'm in a position to notice, the Ouran version of the Mozart sonata really is rather refreshing. The Nodame & Chiaki version seems more dramatic and emotional.

Moving on to other things I'm not very good at, am going back to my RK fanfic (the het one; the yaoi version set in the same 'verse seems to have stalled, on account of my complete failure to write a convincing escape scenario). Also, recent Tsubasa chapters seem to have kick-started me into writing another Eagle fanfic, a much longer one structurally based on my Ficpod for him. We'll see how that works out.

To dear, dear people still expecting cards: I'm so, so sorry. I'm working on them--I have drawn them and am working on two of them as I speak. I've just run into so many random things this year that I'm worried they will now be Easter cards. =_=
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*BitTrickles ParaKiss 1*

*watches ParaKiss 1*

OP: *_*

Episode: *_*

ED: o_O...:D

And the sad part is, I DIDN'T REALISE WHO DID THE ENDING until I was in a friend's car on the way home and IT PLAYED ON THE RADIO. I nearly sent us off the road with my hysterics. (not really but...!!!)

[ profile] petronia, I'd swear you only mentioned Lonely In Gorgeous when you talked about the anime. Was I wrong? Did I have a brain blink? Or did I just miss that post entirely?

*dizzy from shock*


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