Jan. 22nd, 2012 03:33 pm
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We had a snowstorm this weekend and there's still a lot of snow on the ground (and the trees, and the roofs, and...) Haven't dared poke my head out of doors; been drawing instead. Also eating.

Consumed in the past 2 days: plates of bacon; raisin bread with butter and marmalade; potato wedges (proper chips, with the skin and everything); baked potato with beans, scrambled eggs and mushroom gravy; strawberries wrapped in prosciutto; many kinds of chocolate; a fair few cups of PG Tips and coffee. I've been doing short workouts in my aunt's basement with the trampoline, the yoga mat and a weird balloon-like balance thingy called an Aeromat, but they are...very light and pretty much just to keep me warm.

Speaking of which, I'm hungry.
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Am bored at work and reading this archive post from Making Light. It's like sitting down with several Michael Chabon characters who are trying to decide where to have lunch.

They start with a discussion of how the word 'sidekick' might have evolved from 'kickshaw' (a side dish) and 'side-pal' or 'side-partner' (your basic Bucky or Robin-type character) to mean both. Then they give directions to the Old Town Bar via cannonball trajectory. That's before they move on to the comments.

Some highlights:
Chicago deep-dish vs. New York Slice: Start here and scroll down. Thin crusts, square-cut variations and Hawaiian pizza "which is neither" all get a look-in. Descriptions escalate to poetic, and then to poetry outright.
The Dumpling House on Eldritch Eldridge Street.
Lime rickeys still served at Korean restaurant.

It goes on. And now I'm hungry and want to go to New York.
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What's the name of that toasted bread-type Asian snack with the yummy paste in the middle? I think there's a similar cartoon character that [ profile] angelthorn showed me once. The Korean store near my work is selling them 3 for a pound, and I may be growing addicted...

I am going to staff this event from Wednesday! AND I have been allowed to go in COSTUME!!! :D Unfortunately the best events aren't free even to staff, so am paying for things like the premieres and the all-nighter.

I also have a non-fannish reason to go this time )

Edit, 2 days later: ANIME ALL NIGHTER IS FREE. And my friend Donna is coming with me. OMIGOD OMIGOD SOOOOOOO EXCITED \o/
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Made me some pasta today! Fusilli with tuna and mildly spicy Bolognese. It wasn't bad; not enough sauce, maybe. I can't be credited--it was my cousin's recipe.

Yesterday someone very hard to refuse dragged me to the Arsenal-Chelsea game. Now I completely fail to understand this constant fanaticism that people have who are REALLY REALLY into sports. Apparently Umberto Eco confesses to the same bewilderment. For the poor creatures who are overwhelmed by this rabid and incomprehensible fandom (and for those actually in it, hint hint), I have transcribed his essay. It's fantastic.

How Not to Talk About Soccer )

I was laughing at this wicked portrayal of football fans when I was struck by this thought: I know tons of anime and Harry Potter fans who talk like this. My cousin talks like this. I, unless I watch myself carefully, tend to talk like this. This is how fans talk! We belong to something, and have belonged to it so long or so completely that for some people it's hard to adjust to people of a different paradigm. Very often I try (or accidentally happen) to draw other people into this "fandom" world, with varying degrees of success. Sometimes I meet someone else who knows what I'm talking about, and we go at it like the Gilmore Girls, rattling along to the utter bemusement of friends and bystanders. Unless they happen to love Evangelion and hate CLAMP...then we go at it like Liverpool and AC Milan. Or, now I think of it, Arsenal and Chelsea fans.

I don't know what I'm getting at with this...maybe just that we're human. It made me feel more humble, that's all. After I laughed myself sick, of course.
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Ramen and corn chips and strawberry Pocky,
Roast seasoned seaweed and blueberry candy,
Canned Pokka coffee and potato strings,
These are a few of my favorite things... can always tell when I've been to the Korean food store. ^_^


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