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A funny thing happened on the way back from the shops...

I have been wanting to read Alan Bennett's The Uncommon Reader for a few years, and I had forgotten it until I saw it in a pile sitting on someone's garden wall. There were maybe twenty others including two Twilight books, a Stieg Larsson and a Nicholas Sparks. They had been set out for anyone passing to take. I carried off Mark Haddon's A Spot of Bother, Nick Hornby's Slam, Nora Ephron's Heartburn, Margaret Atwood's Wilderness Tips, and Ali Smith's The Accidental, aside from this book.

I've been a little down because of failed job apps lately, but this is a great reminder of why I love London and decided to move here. I know 'free books that don't suck' is a petty reason and might have better served an Oxfam or the Mind store down the way, but I got them and they do mean a lot to me now. So I will be reading these and posting reviews.

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Very upset, unhappy and fearful about what's happening in my favourite city right now.

If you want to hear some balanced and well-thought-out posts on the riots, here they are:

All I can think of is 7/7, when I would rather walk home than take the Tube or bus. In many ways, this is worse. This isn't a faceless malevolence, a "foreign" evil (and the 7/7 terrorists were citizens too!). These are Londoners. And it isn't even safe to walk home. In some places there isn't anything left to come home to.

And I still want to be there. I want to help. I want to witness. I want to make sure my friends are safe. I want to Do My Bit.

Hang in there, London. You can get through this. My love and thoughts are with you.
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So someone limped up to the bookstore counter on a crutch and demanded my attention and I had an awful moment when I saw his face looked as if someone had ripped it off. Then I had another awful moment in which I tried to contain my horror for fear of offending him. Then I recognised his hair and saw his friends behind him and realised one of my friends at the bookstore had dressed as a zombie.

He acted totally in character too, as if he was really a zombie who just wanted a book. It was fun to play along! One of his friends accused me of discrimination against zombies (Reg Shoe, anyone?) and I answered archly that he hadn't actually asked me for specific books. Then he said "Do you have any books about brains?" XDDD

Me: (in Customer Service chirpy voice) Only in the medical section--we don't have any in the cookery section I'm afraid.

FUN. A lot more fun than any of the customers I had to serve today, and not nearly as freaky as the man who fell asleep on the couch in the Language department and was out for most of the day. Sound asleep, with his hand down his pants.

XDDD I loooooooooooooooooooooove this city.
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Saw the Jamie Hewlett/Damon Albarn/Chen Shi-Zheng Monkey opera last Friday. It was my first time in the Royal Opera House!!! Being clueless and late, I got one of the last few tickets, restricted view, and decided to turn up 2 hours before the show to see if any better seats became available. Even the tortuous queuing process was somehow exhilarating--I met a lively old lady who had been going to the ROH for over 40 years, and a TV crew filming the crowds pulled her out to talk about herself a bit. I did end up getting an upgrade in the end--from 4th tier to the Stalls Circle!

Oh my god, it was so amazing. Read the Independent and Guardian reviews for full accolades. I had to resist the urge to scream like a teenage girl when Tripitaka pulled Albarn and Hewlett out on stage.

Next Friday the Royal Ballet of China is performing...Raise the Red Lantern. The week after that another famous Chinese troupe is doing an acrobatic version of Swan Lake. Oh my goodness...
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Watched Paris Je T'Aime tonight to console myself for [ profile] jamieyk going offski. Good stuff. Favourites: Gus van Sant, Gurinder Chadha, and Wes Craven (bwah!). Noticed that some of the directors played parts in other director's films. Very cute! Also, Chris Doyle hearts Zhang Yimou so much there should be fanfic. Or at least an LJ icon.

I am going to get work now. I have made CVs and cover letters for some bookstores and a graphic design firm. I've decided to give myself workdays and save the good stuff for the weekend and after hours. From now on I will do 9 to 5 every day. Ok, 10 to 6. I can stay here so I will fight harder to stay here. This week I will clean house, do laundry, work on the travel project and drop off CVs. On Sun am off to the Art Car Boot Fair at the Truman Brewery. Should be fun.
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Went on an inadvertent walking tour yesterday when I realised I wanted tea and we couldn't think of anywhere that was open AND served tea past midnight. (Honestly, does every restaurant owner turn into a pumpkin at midnight? You are part of the EUROPEAN UNION, people. Take a cue from your neighbors!)

in which we meet an ukeboi and remember where we live )

I want more walking now. British Museum and Gosh, Shaftesbury Av, Forbidden Planet, Neal Street, the Tea House, Screen Face, courtkneeyo's bead shop, Magma, Dover, Fopp, Covent Garden, Lush, Aldwych, Waterloo Bridge. Maybe not all in one go, but they're in about the same area or at least down one general route. We'll see. :)
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"If art were mainly an expression of personal vision, there could be no history of art." EF Gombrich, Psychology and the Riddle of Style

I am eating my first Marshmallow Peeps ever, courtesy of [ profile] bex_x3d

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Dead excited about the British Library. Went yesterday and looked up my booklist on the Integrated Catalogue.

THEY HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED. Well, almost everything I need in English, anyway. Mountains of Anna Freud as well--[ profile] z107m, thank you so much; I would have never had such good material if not for your posts. Downside is that I need to come back on Friday to actually be able to read them, as most of the books are off-site and need to be fetched.

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In other news...
NOT the British Museum )

But my favorite story this week was from my History of Art teacher. She has a friend who works at the British Museum, and he told her that every week he goes down to the lower levels because a falconer comes in with a hawk to hunt the mice that live there.

Think about this carefully. Once a week, in the lower levels of the British Museum, a hawk hunts mice through the archive rooms.

Who needs other worlds? This one is awesome enough.
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Forgot to mention we had our first hailstorm a week or so ago. The poor stripey spider in our garden was nearly stoned to death; fortunately it managed to scramble under our eaves just in time. Hail is really interesting when one has a house with a conservatory. Probably it's less interesting when one is not in the house ^^;

I am still thrilled by unusual weather. We had a nice hot summer--July was a bit sullen, but August and September made up for it. The headlines promise a "killer winter": I hope that means snow. But there are so many homeless people in the city...A friend of mine knows some hippies who've just been evicted from the abandoned church they lived in. I wonder what they're going to do now. It gets colder every day.

......I need an autumn icon with more red in it.
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I am doing Senior Thesis this term. *gasp, flail, panic* Eeee, I can FINALLY get membership to the British Library!!!

Just redid the private projects and school projects pages for my website. They now have navigation bars, although those are in a state as I had a devil of a time putting them in; Dreamweaver doesn't seem to want to move them around. Bloody complicated program; I should just go back to coding it by hand.

In other news, besides showing Swan Lake, this November Sadler's Wells will be hosting....the Edward Scissorhands Ballet.

Ack, November looks so interesting I'll barely have any time for school.
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So [ profile] petronia was in London, and I met her in person and her clever, funny, lovely friend [ profile] cis, and we had a wonderful time perusing artworks and feeding birds and dancing in clubs (well, ok, one club) and wandering round Covent Garden. We took lots of pictures and walked till our feet were worn to stumps and revelled in London and all its Londony London-ness.

I haven't had this much fun for ages. Anybody else want to come visit? ^_^

Hmm. Plans for next time: both Tates, the Portrait Gallery, graffiti photo runs down the East End (possibly double-featured with a visit to Atlantis and Brick Lane ♥), Regent's Park and the Courtauld Institute. As long as we're talking wish lists, I might as well be overambitious.

actually the terrible reason why I didn't post right after the visit was that I couldn't get the pics all tweaked, zipped & uploaded for four whole days...^^;


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