Oct. 6th, 2015 11:09 pm
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I am teaching myself digital art, and it's frustrating.

Here's something they didn't have at my art school: tablets or a course on how to draw using tablets. In fact, I can count the number of classes focused on fundamentals of drawing on one hand. And I was taking Illustration.

I can use traditional materials well. They're comfortable to me. Not so the Wacom Bamboo and bewildering number of art brushes out there.

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So many of my favourite anime series revolve around the twin concepts of 'loneliness' and 'friendship'. More precisely, almost every anime I've seen from the simplistic to the weirdly convoluted hinge on the idea of 'connection'. Sometimes it's more 'you are like me', but often it's also 'I did not expect to find this common ground with someone so apparently different from me'.

Lately I found myself between projects (trying not to translate this in my head as 'unemployable'), so I finished the Natsume Yuujinchou anime and the Nodame Cantabile manga. They are surprisingly similar. Beings with talent, finding each other. Growing a connection between them, and working to strengthen it.

Sometimes anime has a funny way of externalising these inner concepts. How lonely do you have to be to make friends with spirits? Or defeat someone (often brutally) in battle, before they can become your friend or lover?

I can't say making friends in the 'real world' feels the same as trying to get along with a giant tikbalang or being punched repeatedly in the face before someone pity-friends you. But as someone who grew up VERY awkwardly socialised, even meeting people the normal human way is a bit difficult. It's easy to add someone on Facebook, but isn't it better if you know this person thought about you at least a few times a week? If they kept you in mind? That seems to me just as hard to achieve, sometimes, as battling monsters.
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A funny thing happened on the way back from the shops...

I have been wanting to read Alan Bennett's The Uncommon Reader for a few years, and I had forgotten it until I saw it in a pile sitting on someone's garden wall. There were maybe twenty others including two Twilight books, a Stieg Larsson and a Nicholas Sparks. They had been set out for anyone passing to take. I carried off Mark Haddon's A Spot of Bother, Nick Hornby's Slam, Nora Ephron's Heartburn, Margaret Atwood's Wilderness Tips, and Ali Smith's The Accidental, aside from this book.

I've been a little down because of failed job apps lately, but this is a great reminder of why I love London and decided to move here. I know 'free books that don't suck' is a petty reason and might have better served an Oxfam or the Mind store down the way, but I got them and they do mean a lot to me now. So I will be reading these and posting reviews.

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So in between doing the Book Project this week, I have also been compiling my portfolio, which is pretty much guaranteed to fill me with horror and shame.

Note to self: DO NOT look at other illustration blogs while sorting out your portfolio. Here is a tiny sampling of people who usually make me happy but today just made me depressed:

On the bright side, these people really are awesome, so go check them out!


Oct. 10th, 2012 06:29 pm
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It's my cousin's wedding and in my family, that means the grand pre-dressing hair and makeup ritual.

in which someone who knows nothing about makeup drones on and on about it. Is there geekery? Of course there is. )
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I am gutted that people are being wonderful on LJ and I'm too ill to enjoy it.

Thanks, you lovely lovely people. Be right with you.
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...and aside from the bulb going off over my head ('Ohhhh, THIS is where the Rockettes come from!' *facepalm*) I realised that there needs to be Avengers fic where Tony takes Steve to this year's spectacular. They've been going since 1933, so Steve must have been to ONE.

This year had 3D and simulated first-person shooters with Rockettes as the magical fairy shooters. Seriously. I was sitting there seeing Steve's face so clearly. And then Tony takes him backstage and all the older ones fawn over him because they or their parents saw his show as kids, ahahaha.

.....fuck, I'm going to have to write this, aren't I?

Did I mention this is my first and only Christmas Spectacular ever and I don't even live anywhere near NY? My country has the exact opposite time zone, for Ghu's sake, how is this my life. *weirdly giddy*
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I am having the most clichéd New York experience ever. Third of five days, midnight, laptop on my belly, in my uncle's loft flat one block away from Broadway. It's raining really hard, wind and all smacking against the window and skylight. Every now and then sirens go screaming or moaning by.

It's so great; wish I had more time here. Best Christmas present I can think of.
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Catch As Catch Can is finally up on AO3 as I gave up illustrating it. Dedication and consistency, I do not know what these words mean. Sigh.

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Jul. 3rd, 2011 11:20 pm
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[ profile] angelthorn mentioned trailers when I inadvertently made a plane trip into her neighborhood yesterday, and now I'm stuck on Apple Trailers with all these movies I want to see:

Special Treatment -
The Vintner's Luck -
War Horse -
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (the original) -
And the remake -

I understand that's not actually the interesting part of yesterday. Will maybe post more on that tomorrow.
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... Nouveau is bloody well spelled Nouveau. It is NOT spelled Novo, Nuvo, Novu or any 'adorable' variation your tiny minds can come up with. And when you fling it headlong into a list of products named after various historical means of communication, it becomes VERY obvious that One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others.


*as opposed to hardworking and clever brand managers, who are NOT included in this note and for whose existence I am grateful.


Apr. 7th, 2011 02:17 am
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Sorry for the delay in ficcing and art; I've just had word that my MacBook's hard drive needs to be replaced. Going sans laptop for a while and need to figure out my options.

(ps. Would people find my icon offensive? It's been my the-world-is-getting-too-much-for-me icon for a few years now, but in light of Recent Events I'm not sure it's entirely appropriate anymore. Should I get a new one?)


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