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Have been doing some more digital work, stretching my legs in Photoshop and vector programs. You can see it on the art blog:

New banner header

Inkscape Inkspace

In related news, my MacBook Air has been incredibly slow lately. Is it the heat or the workload...?
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So many of my favourite anime series revolve around the twin concepts of 'loneliness' and 'friendship'. More precisely, almost every anime I've seen from the simplistic to the weirdly convoluted hinge on the idea of 'connection'. Sometimes it's more 'you are like me', but often it's also 'I did not expect to find this common ground with someone so apparently different from me'.

Lately I found myself between projects (trying not to translate this in my head as 'unemployable'), so I finished the Natsume Yuujinchou anime and the Nodame Cantabile manga. They are surprisingly similar. Beings with talent, finding each other. Growing a connection between them, and working to strengthen it.

Sometimes anime has a funny way of externalising these inner concepts. How lonely do you have to be to make friends with spirits? Or defeat someone (often brutally) in battle, before they can become your friend or lover?

I can't say making friends in the 'real world' feels the same as trying to get along with a giant tikbalang or being punched repeatedly in the face before someone pity-friends you. But as someone who grew up VERY awkwardly socialised, even meeting people the normal human way is a bit difficult. It's easy to add someone on Facebook, but isn't it better if you know this person thought about you at least a few times a week? If they kept you in mind? That seems to me just as hard to achieve, sometimes, as battling monsters.
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Have started on the graveyard shift at Unscrupulous Workplace. It gets really hard around 4-6, when people at the earlier night shift are leaving and you've done your work and your body is trying to get you to sleep.

What I really hate is the constant acidity. Whenever I do an all-nighter, no matter what I eat my stomach feels like it's burning a hole in itself. And my whole body is straining for rest.

And I can't sleep during the daytime! I just crawled home exhausted, faffed around on Tumblr and Twitter for an hour, went to bed at 11am and popped awake again at 2pm. It's 4.30 and I'm halfway through a mug of Nighty Night with honey and I can't seem to get there.

Any suggestions?
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... Nouveau is bloody well spelled Nouveau. It is NOT spelled Novo, Nuvo, Novu or any 'adorable' variation your tiny minds can come up with. And when you fling it headlong into a list of products named after various historical means of communication, it becomes VERY obvious that One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others.


*as opposed to hardworking and clever brand managers, who are NOT included in this note and for whose existence I am grateful.
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Wow, I've been away so long LJ got a new look while I was gone...

Have been faffing around on Tumblr and the SRS ARTZ blog when I am online, but I've mostly not been online. Had 2 holidays in a row and got into a scheduling snafu with the second one, which set me back at work while also putting me in disgrace with my normally very sweet new boss from Basingstoke.

Other things that have happened: we all thought my cousin had a medical problem so she came home from the find out she was pregnant. WOOHOO! Also I got to spend time with my baby nephew, who is amazing. ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm not normally so heteronormative, but I do really love this kid.

And the Unscrupulous Workplace has introduced biometric logins, which means you log in with.........your FINGERPRINT. As a true-blue SF fan I should be excited about this Bond-like development, but as, well, a true-blue SF fan, visions of Orwell and Doctorow dystopias dance in my head at the idea. I haven't yet handed in (as it were) my prints, which I foresee will get me in MORE trouble, but I just find it so Brazil. Gah.

In other news, tarsiers are really tiny, as are baby ocelots, and the Brahminy kite, or sea-eagle, is my new second-favourite bird. Squee!
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Here at the Unscrupulous Workplace I have been happily chugging along in my mostly boring copywriting job, and now they are restructuring for the nth time and this means I do not only have to write spam, but actually keep track of how well or badly our spam does.

Which means learning Excel.

I don't know what it is about this program that chills me to the core, but I pretty much nearly had the screaming heebies when they told me I'd have to start making reports on the mailers. Maybe because I know NOTHING about it. Excel to me is a yawning blackness cut neatly into little rectangles, rectangles I have utterly no idea what to do with. I find it impenetrable and infuriating, and whenever I see people blithely doing numerical gymnastics on it I get the same feeling I get standing up too fast after reading in bed.

I DON'T KNOW where this irrational reaction is coming from. I am sat at the station right now looking at Mailer Stats and Offer Analyses and it all makes me want to scream 'NO NO NO' or headdesk and it TERRIFIES ME. WHY. I taught myself CSS and XHTML, why does this program seem like the antithesis of my entire being?
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So someone limped up to the bookstore counter on a crutch and demanded my attention and I had an awful moment when I saw his face looked as if someone had ripped it off. Then I had another awful moment in which I tried to contain my horror for fear of offending him. Then I recognised his hair and saw his friends behind him and realised one of my friends at the bookstore had dressed as a zombie.

He acted totally in character too, as if he was really a zombie who just wanted a book. It was fun to play along! One of his friends accused me of discrimination against zombies (Reg Shoe, anyone?) and I answered archly that he hadn't actually asked me for specific books. Then he said "Do you have any books about brains?" XDDD

Me: (in Customer Service chirpy voice) Only in the medical section--we don't have any in the cookery section I'm afraid.

FUN. A lot more fun than any of the customers I had to serve today, and not nearly as freaky as the man who fell asleep on the couch in the Language department and was out for most of the day. Sound asleep, with his hand down his pants.

XDDD I loooooooooooooooooooooove this city.
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Today someone asked for binoculars at 7pm, and he wanted them immediately. What on earth for? (The moon was really amazing tonight. Connection? Or am I the only one who thinks that way?)

I could barely get through the day *points at icon*--after 2 and a half weeks of failing to work out, my body hates me.

We apparently have a bazillion copies of Bleach 19, Nana 7, Zatch Bell 10 and Shaman King 16, but no Peace Maker 2 and 3? Or Shaman King 4? I know I only order 3 volumes at a time, 5 at the most, so who the hell called it in? Man, that is the most manga I've ever had in at a time--3 crates in a go! Never been spammed by an actual book publisher before XDDD

Had a really great chat with a Big Issue seller down the road after work. His name is Mick and he is Irish. He told me about a Book Slam going on just down the street and I promised to give him my extra copy of The Peregrine on Tuesday. So that was very nice.

Now I am very very tired and need bed.
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What's the name of that toasted bread-type Asian snack with the yummy paste in the middle? I think there's a similar cartoon character that [ profile] angelthorn showed me once. The Korean store near my work is selling them 3 for a pound, and I may be growing addicted...

I am going to staff this event from Wednesday! AND I have been allowed to go in COSTUME!!! :D Unfortunately the best events aren't free even to staff, so am paying for things like the premieres and the all-nighter.

I also have a non-fannish reason to go this time )

Edit, 2 days later: ANIME ALL NIGHTER IS FREE. And my friend Donna is coming with me. OMIGOD OMIGOD SOOOOOOO EXCITED \o/


Sep. 5th, 2007 08:19 pm
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On the 25th of this month Blackwell Books will be hosting this event.

I signed up to staff it. :D

There's a lot of them lately--it was Germaine Greer today, but I didn't staff as it's only my first week. Am only sorry I missed the William Gibson, as it took place before I was hired and I only knew about it afterward. But am SO EXCITED for this one!!!

[ profile] angelthorn, [ profile] kurozukin_a, I could get you a signed copy of Ladies of Grace Adieu if you like?
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"Envy is a gadding passion, and walketh the streets"--Francis Bacon

The new Vimto Jammie Dodgers give English Breakfast tea a very strange taste.

I keep reading books as I catch sight of them. There's three in my toilet, two in the living room, two on my drafting table, four on my desk, two in my bed and an innumerable number around the rest of my bedroom. As I get busier I just snatch up the nearest book to hand whenever I have a bit of spare time.

I am very excited; have a job as a storyboard artist! £100 for 7 scenes. Funny how these things come out of the blue; hopefully it'll lead to more jobs.

Free Range exhibits have opened! My friend Rachel is of the opinion that one could save an amazing amount of money by just buying monthly travel cards and going to art show openings every night. Free wine and food!

Well, back to work.


Sep. 19th, 2005 02:57 am
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Greetings, bloodsacks. I em DRECK-yu-lah. )


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