Oct. 14th, 2013 09:34 pm
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Did I actually write a half-poem on books about the vagina? Er, yes, I did.

(The Vagina Monographs: an illustrated poem)

In less uncomfortable news, I have also been drawing things on the long, long bus ride to work. Because it is so long and I'm tired of telling myself I will do urban sketching when I have the time.
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I wrote 1000 words last night on the interdimensional Mughal-era Benedictine nunnery YA novel. This is more words than I have written for it in literally years. I really need to work harder on these projects I supposedly really care about. I also began to sketch out a watercolour illustration which is going...about as well, considering I am terrible at lighting in illustration.

Besides that I actually have been writing stuff, mostly journaling and reviews, because when applying to be a copywriter it might help to have some writing with my real name on it that isn't for my awful former vanity-press employer. However the stuff I post on the semi-serious writing blog is taking an alarming turn for the personal. Maybe I'm too self-involved. Not sure that bodes too well for my origfic, or is that actually what origfic is supposed to achieve? Not self-involvement, obviously, but something personal that I don't really have to confront or get to play with when I'm writing fanfic.

Speaking of origfic, I may have forgotten to post the other watercolour illustration from the merboy story. See below. )
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Sorry if everyone already knew, but I just found out Benedict Cumberbatch has a lovely new girlfriend who designs really cool furniture.

That is all.
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Am bored at work and reading this archive post from Making Light. It's like sitting down with several Michael Chabon characters who are trying to decide where to have lunch.

They start with a discussion of how the word 'sidekick' might have evolved from 'kickshaw' (a side dish) and 'side-pal' or 'side-partner' (your basic Bucky or Robin-type character) to mean both. Then they give directions to the Old Town Bar via cannonball trajectory. That's before they move on to the comments.

Some highlights:
Chicago deep-dish vs. New York Slice: Start here and scroll down. Thin crusts, square-cut variations and Hawaiian pizza "which is neither" all get a look-in. Descriptions escalate to poetic, and then to poetry outright.
The Dumpling House on Eldritch Eldridge Street.
Lime rickeys still served at Korean restaurant.

It goes on. And now I'm hungry and want to go to New York.


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