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I wrote 1000 words last night on the interdimensional Mughal-era Benedictine nunnery YA novel. This is more words than I have written for it in literally years. I really need to work harder on these projects I supposedly really care about. I also began to sketch out a watercolour illustration which is going...about as well, considering I am terrible at lighting in illustration.

Besides that I actually have been writing stuff, mostly journaling and reviews, because when applying to be a copywriter it might help to have some writing with my real name on it that isn't for my awful former vanity-press employer. However the stuff I post on the semi-serious writing blog is taking an alarming turn for the personal. Maybe I'm too self-involved. Not sure that bodes too well for my origfic, or is that actually what origfic is supposed to achieve? Not self-involvement, obviously, but something personal that I don't really have to confront or get to play with when I'm writing fanfic.

Speaking of origfic, I may have forgotten to post the other watercolour illustration from the merboy story.

Date: 2013-08-22 12:24 pm (UTC)
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Oh, that's so pretty. I love the colours.


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