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Jan. 17th, 2012 12:30 am
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Now I know how the Who fans feel.


one-line major spoiler, just in case someone hasn't figured it out )
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with a brief detour for HELLO THERE SUPER HOT ASIAN CORPORAL, and perhaps because Mark Gatiss was writing it he was way more obviously hot than obviously Asian. Still though. WOOF.

*is killed for pun*

But OMG this episode. I guess the fandom can pretty much run to Godtiss for the wonderful delightful lakjfn;wejfn;jnf;dksbjf fan-pandering, eh? Phew. Also, just like in Being Human, I pretty much want to hug Russell Tovey non-stop. I CUDDLE J00 BB, it'll be ok.

Last few seconds of episode: FUCKING CHRIST NO *CLAWS FACE*
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Multi is in the shop for about a week, and in the meantime I'm working off my cousin's PC. As a result the scans I'm doing for my uncle's Global Nomad project have come out EXTREMELY wonky. Nevertheless I need them and a large amount of drawings (many of them not done yet) up on a blog by Monday, 12.30 am.


In the breaks, have been amusing myself by scripting the Top Gear Transformers Special and building FSTs.

more Top Gear notes...this show is finally starting to take shape )

Stand by for Bumblebee and Starscream ficpods......some other time ^^;

*This is why I cannot write this alone SOMEONE HELP MEEEE


Aug. 1st, 2007 01:16 pm
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After watching this video 7864524 times, I think we have a new fandom OTP. Neil turned so red! Icons, anyone?

Am slightly flipping out over the amount of work I have to do this week, but serve me right for going into fandom spiral. Really do need to acquire a set of middle gears soon. Planning to go out to the park as it's another lovely day, and work there.

Now, to completely belie this last statement, here are some notes I took on Top Gear for the Transformers special...
cut for lack of coherence, all will be made clear soon enough... )

If anyone actually made sense of that, some fresh ideas would be most welcome.
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Things sorted: flood, TV, phone/internet, package
Not sorted: school, job, housework, site

Downloaded last ep of Gilmore Girls and 2 eps of Prison Break 2.2. Watching one ep a day so as not to give self a heart attack, and also because the torrents are slowwwwwwww. Aiming for Heroes as well but this download rate will kill Multitudinous if I keep going, as it hasn't slept in 3 days.

Drew nearly six whole pages of pr0n last night, surely that's a good sign.

Actually went on the computer this morning and yelled, "ENTERTAIN ME!" at the screen. Bad sign. Getting off now to paint or get out of the house or something. Hallyluyer.

It's good to read everybody's posts again.


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