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In the end, it's just practice, isn't it? Like drawing. You can't say you're 'naturally' bad at it; what happens is you don't practice enough. Making friends is an art: it's fun and takes some work.

It takes practice to speak to people I've never met before, and even more practice to listen. It takes practice to remember to keep in touch, to reach out when I want to hear from them. But if I want to hear from them, to connect, then I want to practice--and it gets easier over time.

But just because you're not out there gladhanding all the time, doesn't mean you're antisocial. Sometimes you want to spend time connecting with yourself, too. This might be relevant:
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So many of my favourite anime series revolve around the twin concepts of 'loneliness' and 'friendship'. More precisely, almost every anime I've seen from the simplistic to the weirdly convoluted hinge on the idea of 'connection'. Sometimes it's more 'you are like me', but often it's also 'I did not expect to find this common ground with someone so apparently different from me'.

Lately I found myself between projects (trying not to translate this in my head as 'unemployable'), so I finished the Natsume Yuujinchou anime and the Nodame Cantabile manga. They are surprisingly similar. Beings with talent, finding each other. Growing a connection between them, and working to strengthen it.

Sometimes anime has a funny way of externalising these inner concepts. How lonely do you have to be to make friends with spirits? Or defeat someone (often brutally) in battle, before they can become your friend or lover?

I can't say making friends in the 'real world' feels the same as trying to get along with a giant tikbalang or being punched repeatedly in the face before someone pity-friends you. But as someone who grew up VERY awkwardly socialised, even meeting people the normal human way is a bit difficult. It's easy to add someone on Facebook, but isn't it better if you know this person thought about you at least a few times a week? If they kept you in mind? That seems to me just as hard to achieve, sometimes, as battling monsters.
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Happy birthday [personal profile] tessercat!!! May your special day be full of only A-grade smut and feels. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Sorry about the radio silence recently; I was busy, then away--and then my Internet went down!

There are a lot of people on here who were on the East Coast; I hope the storm left you all safe and dry. Mom and my aunt live up there; my aunt was in a particularly dangerous area and too stubborn to move, but nothing happened and now she says it was no big deal. Sigh.

Things I have been doing recently:

  • Getting over a terrible sunburn
  • Ticking off my bucket list--white water rafting! Another place in this country that I've visited! And the fish foot spa! That was really interesting; it's like being attended by a hundred tiny self-animated emery boards. It's very ticklish at first, but then you get used to it and space out watching all the little fish nibble your toes. :)
  • Doing lots of small watercolours. I got a Prang and a Golden set, as I am a lazy person who doesn't want to bother with tube colours, and ever since my mom sent me Blue Heron waterbrushes, it's been absurdly easy to paint with the trays. My friend Xabi gave me an amazing set of Pelikan colours she's had since she was a kid, and they're still great! You can see the results on my art journal.
  • Trying to get the Internet back!

Have also been worrying about money a bit as I have barely enough to get me through to the coming payday on Thursday. But no worries! Have an illustration!


Apr. 20th, 2011 12:36 am
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Had a lovely time last night with one of my BFF triumvirate, who's in town for a visit with her hubby and son--also my godson. It was very, very, very nice, after the time I've been having.

She also hinted that she might be back soon, which...yay! Just yay!


Aug. 20th, 2006 12:25 pm
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"He was a linguist, and therefore he had pushed the bounds of obstinacy well beyond anything that is conceivable to other men." Helen DeWitt, The Last Samurai

Two really good friends from uni in Manila blew into town, and I had a great time showing them around, although I now suspect Honey's knees will be killing her on the flight back to Jersey.

[ profile] angelthorn, did you know Honey's in a menu publishing company? This could be an excellent opportunity; I know you'd hoped never to see another menu again but this could well be a chance toward your ticket out.

Made a bit of time to catch up on XXXHolic, even though I really should be doing Allan's storyboard. Fell in love with the "Donuts" pairing--I haven't read fanfic in so long I no longer have the patience to search extensively for it. Luckily all I really have to do is look up Fleeting Fancies and hope they have some good recs.


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