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Mar. 18th, 2006 05:38 pm
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"This isn't life! This is just stuff!"--American Beauty

How cool is that site? I think my favourite thing about it was that they had a button for the Gilmore Girls XD And they called it Rory XDDD
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"It was a day, like all days, and we were there." The Amazing Race

New icons! Me at the webcam:

    and this entry's icon.

And now a meme!
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"Iraq, incredible weapons. How do you know that? Well, we looked at the receipt..." Bill Hicks

Invited my mum to Livejournal. XD Not to fear; five minutes into the process of customising she got sick of it and left. XDDD

Got tagged by [ profile] petronia! ♥

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Wallace and Gromit's history up in smoke.

Nick Park and Aardman are being very mature and calm about it, saying that it's nothing compared to the Pakistan earthquake. What a contrast from bloody Saatchi and the "BritArt Ground Zero". Tracey Emin STILL hasn't stopped moaning.

And I was going to post this interesting meme in which you pretend your mp3 player is a fortune teller.

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Our dear Himself uncommonly tetchy today, but with good reason...

It's been twenty years, and newspaper headlines still oscillate between "Wham! Bam ! Pow! Comics Have Grown Up!" and "OH MY GAAAD THIS COMIC NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN HAS CONTENT NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN IN IT!" articles. Bizarre.

Both acerbic and true, and so, so Neil. (And also, exercisings! Oh, teh hott. I should NOT be lusting after a man old enough to be my father.)

In other news, another meme!
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The Guardian says: Oh shit, we're all going to die.

To keep my mind off things I made some more icons and nicked a meme from [ profile] petronia: List 20 of your current favorite fictional character pairings (het, slash, canon or otherwise) in no particular order and then tag five people to do the same.

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Also updated Greek boys comic! Chapter 1 is probably should have written that somewhere on the last page.....=_=


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