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I am a sucky fanfic writer. Once every few years I'll be bitten by a bunny and then there appear one or two new pages on AO3. But my ideas are always terrible unless provided by someone else.

Case in point:

Treasure Planet and Iron Man 3/Avengers...not at the same time obvs )
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Sorry, this is going to be really, really long. It's been a while since I unburdened myself online. You might want to skip all the feelings and just click the links before the cut, you'll enjoy them.

So I gave up reading fanfic for Lent but then got addicted to Steve Rogers' American Captain, which is part Harvey Pekar pastiche, part Avengers fancomic, and all Steve Rogers feels all the time.

And through a link to an extra-large comic I was led to the artist's DeviantArt page, and her comic called Therapy with the Vampire, which is about Anne Rice's Louis and Lestat and their compelling, twisted relationship. And that reminded me that I still had my uncle's Vampire Lestat graphic novel that I first read at fourteen. So I cracked it open for the first time in more than a decade...and like cracking an egg, a gooey mess came spilling out. And in the process of cleaning it all up I suddenly understood several blind spots in my real life past, not to mention my fandom tendencies.

The thing that's wrong with these vampires is the thing that's always been wrong with vampires. )

Part Two

agh, Lent

Feb. 17th, 2013 10:45 am
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Ok, this is going to be super hard, given that I have never given up anything for Lent before and I barely even consider myself Catholic these days.

I am giving up fanfic for Lent.

I'm still going to be listening to the podfic I already have, as well as fandom podcasts, but I am not allowing myself to read, download, or look for fanfic for the next 40 days (ohgod). The reason for this is nothing to do with fanfic itself. It's because I am an addictive personality who spends nearly 6 hours a day on it, hours I really need to be doing stuff like preparing my portfolio for moving to the UK, earning some money now that I've quit my job, and working on the book project I'm doing with a local children's publisher.

I spend more hours on AO3 than I do on LJ & Dreamwidth (posting included), Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest combined. So that needs to go...just for a while. At least I'm not swearing off the Internet altogether.

Well...maybe on Fridays. :) I doubt it, though.


Nov. 26th, 2012 11:39 am
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Soooooooo I feel like I'm falling back into CLAMP fandom because of this one fic they recced on [community profile] slashreport. I'm still sore about losing my production artbook of Magic Knight Rayearth, I don't need to do this to myseeeeeelffffff. *bangs head on desk*


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