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I am a sucky fanfic writer. Once every few years I'll be bitten by a bunny and then there appear one or two new pages on AO3. But my ideas are always terrible unless provided by someone else.

Case in point:

Guys, how do you feel about Treasure Planet fanfic?

Because God, it's been eleven years, and I am still not over Jim Hawkins's stupid cheekbones and the rattail it must have killed him to have to cut off at space academy, and his mumbly little Joe Gordon-Levitt voice and his amazing brain that can build high speed machines but has no sense of self preservation.

So now I may be writing space academy shenanigans from the POV of a legacy brat from the future-Edwardian version of Hong Kong, who just happens to be super-desperately in love with said Jim Hawkins and all those things I listed above. WHY though? I don't know, I can't stop. There will be pirates and fights and youth endangerment adventures happening though, so it's not all feelings.

The other thing I am writing is Pepper Potts being really angry after Iron Man 3. She is angry in boardrooms, she is angry in the room that they stick her in while she's going through Extremis, she is angry with several different people in turn and concurrently. I just wanted to write Pepper as ragemonster for some reason.

I am also still doing that Diana/Steve crossover story, but it's slower going now as it is too cold to draw at work anymore. :(
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