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And the lovely [ profile] cs_whitewolf wrote a wonderfully evocative Arthur/Eames fic for my art, which is all that I could ever want from a fic.

(letting you see) a different side of me
Part 1 Part 2 AO3

Here's the art I submitted:
(letting you see) a different side of me )

The fic has flirting and office supplies and rainy scenes in foreign countries and 14,000 words. I am so drawing a ton more fanart for it! Whee!!!
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I think I might finally have a skeleton for this whole Arthur-and-Eames-as-window-designers fic. I worked it all out from this one preppy outfit I saw on Guerrisms and decided Arthur HAD to have.

And at some point during that chapter, I need to put Eames in this outfit:

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Finally! Finished the West Side Story window dream.

I still have no idea to post this besides here, as it's all scraps without a coherent story. I think it's time to try and find a proper plot for this thing. In the meantime, please enjoy the art and the snippet.

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New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down by [ profile] jeannedecarnin. Inception, Arthur/Eames. Lonely Christmas pr0n set in New York.

I really have to do something with all my memories of being lonely in famous cities. Like the time I stormed out of the dorm at 1.30am to march down Bedford Place and Great Russell Street all the way down Oxford Street almost to Marble Arch before I ran out of steam. Or hearing the bells of Venice all ring at midnight. Everyone has moments like this--why can't I turn them into decent fanfic or comics like a normal person?
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Woke up at 7, skyped with Mom at 9, now i'm reading things cos I can't get to sleep...

So, a brief moment here to pimp two of my current favourite Sherlock fics!

Two Two One Bravo Baker by abundantlyqueer is a mind-blowingly awesome AU where Sherlock and John meet much earlier, in Afghanistan instead of London. It has scads of action, a cracking mystery, extensively researched details of military life, and more BAMF!John than my little brain can take. Also very graphic slash, so proceed with caution. Not yet complete.

On the gen/het side, The Affair of the Asphyxiated Acafan by AJHall is another great mystery, unusually written from the POV of Sarah, John's is-she-isn't-she girlfriend. It's full of fannish detail and reads like a proper mystery story; I almost feel as if I'm reading a tie-in or watching an episode of the series. Very satisfying and everyone's voices come across just right. Complete!

Also managed to borrow my officemate's copies of Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets; the proper British versions, too. Very pleased, as they're very hard to get here! Have resolved to re-read the books and watch at least some of the movies again before The Big One opens in July.
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Now that I'm in a position to notice, the Ouran version of the Mozart sonata really is rather refreshing. The Nodame & Chiaki version seems more dramatic and emotional.

Moving on to other things I'm not very good at, am going back to my RK fanfic (the het one; the yaoi version set in the same 'verse seems to have stalled, on account of my complete failure to write a convincing escape scenario). Also, recent Tsubasa chapters seem to have kick-started me into writing another Eagle fanfic, a much longer one structurally based on my Ficpod for him. We'll see how that works out.

To dear, dear people still expecting cards: I'm so, so sorry. I'm working on them--I have drawn them and am working on two of them as I speak. I've just run into so many random things this year that I'm worried they will now be Easter cards. =_=


Aug. 20th, 2006 12:25 pm
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"He was a linguist, and therefore he had pushed the bounds of obstinacy well beyond anything that is conceivable to other men." Helen DeWitt, The Last Samurai

Two really good friends from uni in Manila blew into town, and I had a great time showing them around, although I now suspect Honey's knees will be killing her on the flight back to Jersey.

[ profile] angelthorn, did you know Honey's in a menu publishing company? This could be an excellent opportunity; I know you'd hoped never to see another menu again but this could well be a chance toward your ticket out.

Made a bit of time to catch up on XXXHolic, even though I really should be doing Allan's storyboard. Fell in love with the "Donuts" pairing--I haven't read fanfic in so long I no longer have the patience to search extensively for it. Luckily all I really have to do is look up Fleeting Fancies and hope they have some good recs.
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The Guardian says: Oh shit, we're all going to die.

To keep my mind off things I made some more icons and nicked a meme from [ profile] petronia: List 20 of your current favorite fictional character pairings (het, slash, canon or otherwise) in no particular order and then tag five people to do the same.

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Also updated Greek boys comic! Chapter 1 is probably should have written that somewhere on the last page.....=_=


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