Jan. 22nd, 2012 03:33 pm
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We had a snowstorm this weekend and there's still a lot of snow on the ground (and the trees, and the roofs, and...) Haven't dared poke my head out of doors; been drawing instead. Also eating.

Consumed in the past 2 days: plates of bacon; raisin bread with butter and marmalade; potato wedges (proper chips, with the skin and everything); baked potato with beans, scrambled eggs and mushroom gravy; strawberries wrapped in prosciutto; many kinds of chocolate; a fair few cups of PG Tips and coffee. I've been doing short workouts in my aunt's basement with the trampoline, the yoga mat and a weird balloon-like balance thingy called an Aeromat, but they are...very light and pretty much just to keep me warm.

Speaking of which, I'm hungry.
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I love lightning. I really do. I turn off the TV and lights so I can watch a lightning storm. I have the branches trimmed outside my windows so I can see it. It's what I missed the most in London, next to sunshine.

I love that splitting crack of thunder just after a big flash of lightning. It's even better after I see the bolt itself, thick and white and changing the colour of the sky.

One day I'll learn how to paint it, but it still won't be the same.


Jan. 2nd, 2011 06:55 pm
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Happy New Year!

Today the only other people who flew in for Christmas have gone home (aunt and uncle-in-law), and I looked up the Faerie Oracle, which said 'Have an adventure! Or a spa date,' but the weather seems to be going in for full-blown typhoon as it usually does in January. So instead I holed up in my computer corner and read blogs, ate caramelisedpinipig and drank hot chocolate (the good Spanish stuff that comes in huge tablets) until I was sleepy, and then I had a nap, and so I haven't done anything for the Sketchbook Project today.

I did help my other aunt wrestle with iPhoto to make photo albums for her grandbaby, so the day wasn't complete fail. /weak

Mmmm, vacation. Maybe I'll have a very hot shower instead of the mud bath Losgann advised. ^_________________^
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Some lovely things that are happening today:

A thunderstorm. Bar slight worry about basement flooding, I enjoy thunderstorms because they remind me of home. The rain is drumming heavily on my skylight and the glass roof of our entryway, accompanied by the rumblings and occasional sharp snarls of thunder. The thunder never lasts long and I never see lightning bolts, just the flashes. Sad. Curiously enough the sunlight is reflecting off the clouds in such a way that it's uncommonly bright--a sunny and stormy day, which also reminds me of home. Ahh, the great British summertime.

Amazon is sending me faithful updates on the status of The Book That Will Break The Internet. "Your package is being prepared for dispatch." "Your package is now ready for dispatch." I eagerly anticipate the next update. (This is a dignified way of saying "I bounce in my chair and squeal as I read the email over and over again. Tee hee.")

Also, new icons.


Mar. 5th, 2007 12:24 pm
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Saturday night. Total Lunar Eclipse.

It was perfect. The sky was completely clear. The moon for once looked like a three-dimensional object, like an actual thing hanging in the sky. It looked like Mars too, with icecaps and everything.

I love it when Nature puts on special effects. Show 'em how it's done!
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BBC weather SWORE this morning it would be sunny. Not even partly cloudy. They had a great fat yellow SUN on their web page.

A few hours later:Our patio floor is under three inches of water. Our gutter drain is gushing like Niagara. There was LIGHTNING. It was a monsoon rain such as I always claim they never have here.

Just checked BBC's website. The sun has been replaced by a smug looking thundercloud, as if to say, "What sun? You must be delusional; we never said anything about sun."


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