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I wrote 1000 words last night on the interdimensional Mughal-era Benedictine nun YA novel last night. This is more words than I have written for it in literally years. I really need to work harder on these projects I supposedly really care about. I also began to sketch out a watercolour illustration which is going...about as well, considering I am terrible at lighting in illustration.

Besides that I actually have been writing stuff, mostly journaling and reviews, because when applying to be a copywriter it might help to have some writing with my real name on it that isn't for my awful former vanity-press employer. However the stuff I post on the semi-serious writing blog is taking an alarming turn for the personal. Maybe I'm too self-involved. Not sure that bodes too well for my origfic, or is that actually what origfic is supposed to achieve? Not self-involvement, obviously, but something personal that I don't really have to confront or get to play with when I'm writing fanfic.

Speaking of origfic, I may have forgotten to post the other watercolour illustration from the merboy story. See below. )
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I should just stick to art shows and not go off to the club with everyone afterwards. Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow's stint at Underworld will be without incident.

In other news:
Thins are getting out of hand. Didn't I move here because it WASN'T like the US?
Get this DVD. The featurette is as long and as entertaining as the movie. While you're at it, get the soundtrack. I'm looking at you, [ profile] irian.
Godbrother's journal. His writing tends toward purple prose, but he's so widely-read that the quotes at the beginning of each entry are always eclectic and inspiring. My other godbrother, who I'm closer to, prefers rants to musings.

I am so bored. And still awake.


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