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I just, I start drawing fanart, and then I can't stop. And I haven't drawn this much fanart for a fandom since the Bats, I mean, what? There's just something about the romance and the dichotomy of Arthur and Eames that gets to me. And ever since DKR Arthur is now synonymous in my head with Tim Drake, another super-efficient second that kills himself with work because he thinks being the best at what he does is how anyone will ever love him.

Arthur & Eames = Tim & Kon. This is my headcanon now. And it doesn't help when people go around drawing Kon with Tom Hardy lips.

Yup, this is still for [ profile] cs_whitewolf's workaholic!Arthur fic. It was 14,000 words of Arthur being adorable and Eames being smitten, am I made of stone?

This picture is not unlike how I feel about my own job. Except with less capability and skill, just nonstop dull horror and dread of waking up the next morning to do it all again.

And now some scratchy goofing around. Eames brings exhausted Arthur coffee. Arthur, in his desperation for coffee, drops the pen down his shirt and makes a mess, and Eames (who is holding cardboard cups with his pinky out like the posh English nutter he is) thinks there is nothing more he wants out of life than this dorky rumpled man who keeps a $200 pen in his mouth and then forgets it's there at the first sign of coffee.

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