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Wow, I've been away so long LJ got a new look while I was gone...

Have been faffing around on Tumblr and the SRS ARTZ blog when I am online, but I've mostly not been online. Had 2 holidays in a row and got into a scheduling snafu with the second one, which set me back at work while also putting me in disgrace with my normally very sweet new boss from Basingstoke.

Other things that have happened: we all thought my cousin had a medical problem so she came home from the find out she was pregnant. WOOHOO! Also I got to spend time with my baby nephew, who is amazing. ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm not normally so heteronormative, but I do really love this kid.

And the Unscrupulous Workplace has introduced biometric logins, which means you log in with.........your FINGERPRINT. As a true-blue SF fan I should be excited about this Bond-like development, but as, well, a true-blue SF fan, visions of Orwell and Doctorow dystopias dance in my head at the idea. I haven't yet handed in (as it were) my prints, which I foresee will get me in MORE trouble, but I just find it so Brazil. Gah.

In other news, tarsiers are really tiny, as are baby ocelots, and the Brahminy kite, or sea-eagle, is my new second-favourite bird. Squee!
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Another Military Blogger Silenced

Matt at Tattered Coat writes: It’s one thing when a civilian blogger like me uses Orwellian language to describe the current administration and its policies. It’s something else, entirely, when someone feeling the brunt force of authoritarian rule pulls out his copy of 1984.

Daniel Goetz's blog has been deleted, but his girlfriend Holly still posts, and she has reposted his blog entries here, bless her.

Daniel's friend Zach is another amazing and heartbreaking writer.

I wish we could do something for them. The only thing I can think of to do is spread the word as widely as I can.
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I should just stick to art shows and not go off to the club with everyone afterwards. Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow's stint at Underworld will be without incident.

In other news:
Thins are getting out of hand. Didn't I move here because it WASN'T like the US?
Get this DVD. The featurette is as long and as entertaining as the movie. While you're at it, get the soundtrack. I'm looking at you, [ profile] irian.
Godbrother's journal. His writing tends toward purple prose, but he's so widely-read that the quotes at the beginning of each entry are always eclectic and inspiring. My other godbrother, who I'm closer to, prefers rants to musings.

I am so bored. And still awake.


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