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Saw the new episodes and am THRILLED, but...

These episodes were REALLY UPSETTING, you guys. I can't even talk about Korra's fears of being overpowered and helpless, not to mention losing her powers.

I hope they're going somewhere good with this benders vs. non-benders thing. The episodes I've seen so far seem to treat the non-benders' grievances as petty and seditious. It makes me uncomfortable that I haven't seen a single non-bender in an honoured position (they're not even on the city council??) or pointing out the discrimination in a non-antagonistic way. We're only four episodes in, so I need to trust that the writers know what they're doing as well as they did last go round.

And the way they treat the non-benders! The worst note was Korra using her bending to thump Tarrlok's messenger. His senior citizen messenger. Seriously, Korra, NOT COOL. No wonder the non-benders feel oppressed, jeez.

Tenzin's distaste for all-out aggression against the Equalists makes me hopeful. It also helps that the guy who is FOR all-out war is a smarmy, manipulative creep who looks just like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. And he creeped me out just as much as Amon did, agh.

Holding off on an opinion on Asami Sato, except for: Hey cool, Japanese people! I really want to trust them. I'm annoyed at myself for instantly suspecting her just because she's hot and rich. Hey, she could be the Megumi of the series. Here's hoping. Am honestly more irritated with Mako for being all, 'Oh sure, throw all your money at me, by all means'. He seems a bit OOC, actually; with the brothers' backstory as hardworking street fighters I'd have expected Mako to be a little more reluctant and even wary to accept money out of the blue? IDK.

Anyway, really looking forward to the next eps!


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