Jan. 11th, 2009

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  • 02:17 curse you twitter, I just want to upload a new userpic okayyyyyy #
  • 11:09 The fact that I need reading glasses is canceled out by the fact that they are awesome emo glasses with orange legs! Can't wait to get them! #
  • 13:53 i want a mint mocha latte with white chocolate sprinkles. Drowning your sorrows in dairy = PRICELESS #
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Have been having some trouble with my eyes lately and a visit to the doctor confirmed it: I needed reading glasses. I have 20/20 for distance but 50/50 for close range.

I was honestly expecting a much worse diagnosis so it was a relief to learn I only needed them for reading and while on the computer. (Yes, I know that's pretty much most of my time, ha ha.) They're only slightly graded, plus anti-glare. I wasn't looking forward to actually wearing the things, so I was really excited to find the cutest pair of glasses ever!

at last my fondest dream is realised...or is it my fondest fetish? )
The webcam couldn't focus far enough away so I don't get to show you that I'm wearing the Batgirl heels. Wehhh. Anyway, and I never thought I'd say this...yay glasses!!!


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